AUT 2017 TV commercials

Eyes and Ears was tasked by AUT to produce 40 30sec  films profiling their students. The aim was to showcase the work of their students over a range of different courses. They wanted to bring the degrees to life and promote individual majors. Each short 30 sec video needed to be unique in style and tell the students story quickly and succinctly in a limited time.

Our aim was to make each video unique and also work together as a suite of student profiles. We sought inspiration from their works to create a personalised and vibrant style. 

We filmed interviews with students at location where they worked/ studied, capturing them on the job  and showing off AUT's facilities. Each film was paired with an energetic soundtrack delivering a lively introduction to AUT's students and their respective courses.

The films were a pleasant surprise to the already high expectations of the team at AUT. As a result, the films were repurposed to serve a more prominent position in their campaign, which included converting some into TVC's you see here.

Madona: Engineering

Kothar: Education

Braedon, Reuben & Martin: Creative Technologies

Claire: Science

Hero video