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Eyes and Ears
Case Studies

Promo and Training videos


Teulo’s groundbreaking online learning platform needed heaps of video collateral to promote the platform, and also communicate training material. Here, we talk about Eyes and Ears and Teulo’s deeply collaborative partnership.

The Problem

Traditionally when Teulo’s clients (Architects and Designers) need to earn their continuing professional development (CPD) points, they have to attend a physical event. It’s difficult to find the time to attend the events in a notoriously busy sector, and usually results in a scramble at the end of the year.

Teulo’s goal was the create a new platform, where they could host online events to help their clients gain their CPD points.  This was due to launch later in 2020. However, Covid came along, which meant that the sector were wanting to do the online events immediately, not later in the year!  This meant that getting everything promoted, live and working, happened in an extremely compressed timeline.

The Journey

Within three months, Teulo needed enough quality content (40+ livestreamed events, videos and podcasts), to push the website live.

For every online, livestreamed event, Eyes and Ears was tasked with editing, delivering, and uploading the event video for hosting on the platform. Eyes and Ears also produced a vast range of other content during this time, including explainer videos, promotional videos, and teasers for the launch.

This all had to be done remotely, due to the Covid restrictions. Teulo curated the online events, engaged all the talent, including overseas talent to present at the events, and co-ordinated the livestreaming. 

The quality was just superb and honestly the team at Eyes and Ears just got my vision for the platform. I couldn’t be happier.  I told you what I needed, and then you script things eloquently and right on point.  Love your work so much and would never work with another provider

Jay Fenwick – Founder, Teulo

The Desired Outcome

To have jam-packed awesome quality content ready for the website, which needed to be fresh, edgy, vibrant and make people want to come back for more.  The videos had to be punchy, with ‘out-there’ colours, and stand apart from what is usually seen within the sector.

The Result

The videos successfully attracted more people to sign up to Teulo. It has become very easy for their clients to get all their points online.  It looks good and the content is high-quality.

The impressive numbers:
– 116 online events
– 82 international presenters
– over 60 podcasts