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Eyes and Ears
Case Studies

Advancing Our People

New Zealand Defence Force

Eyes and Ears has been creating animated training videos for NZDF staff to get them up to speed with their systems and processes.

For confidentiality reasons, we can’t post the finished videos to our website.

The Problem

NZDF needed to develop the next generation of in-house logistics analysts and subject matter experts. Previously, training would have been done via a written manual.

The challenge presented by the client was communicating the same complex subject matter in a series of engaging and concise animated videos.

The aim of the first tranche of instructional videos was to provide an NZDF-informed analytical framework and context, demonstrating to users the data query, extraction and manipulation stages. This framework was supported with visualisations on how logistics data can be configured in SAP to support multiple inquiries

The Journey

The brief was initially for a 5-part series, with the videos trialled to establish proof of efficacy. The series is now at its 13th instalment.

Delivery required longer production timelines than usual, allowing enough time for all stakeholders to review and feedback. Each video was completed in a 2–3-month turnaround.

With additional resource required for creative development, the first video was completed to the quoted budget.

Additional videos are now produced at a lower per-video rate, due to a well-established creative approach, and efficiencies discovered through the repetition of the process.

This project required careful interpretation of complex NZDF information and systems. The Executive Creative Director collaborated closely with client to firstly understand the information himself, allowing an informed approach to the production. This is essential to creating a product that exceeds our clients’ success criteria. 

With the ECD carrying a focus on creative and accurate interpretation of the material, the Post Production team apply their expertise to develop animations that are both visually and intellectually engaging.

The Desired Outcome

The medium used for this trial was based on a short “how-to” video format.  This initiative had the potential to provide one of the many ongoing training support structures into the future, as well as providing the prospect of sustained cost avoidance in contractor and training support.

The Result

As of June 2021, Eyes and Ears have produced 13 videos in this series, as well as several other projects for other NZDF departments. What wasn’t an expected outcome was how vital they were, given the requirement for remote operation with COVID-19.